Diet number I - 100% raw

Diet number I - 100% raw
For Breakfast:
Prepare 250ml-500ml fruit/greens/vegetable juice, in which you can add superfoods (algae powders, mushrooms, pollen, etc.)
- vegetables such as: pumpkin, carrot, celery, beet, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, potato, cucumber, etc.
- green leaves of all kinds as: spinach, coriander, nettle, orache (atriplex hortensis), parsley, celery, apio, carrots, peppermint, rosemary, sorrel, wheat grass, red and white clover, alfalfa, dandelion, stevia, dill, lovage, fir buds, bok choy, kale etc.

Ø In the making of the juice you can mix any kind of vegetables, fruits, or leaves. For a good taste of the vegetable juice, you can use apple, lemon and what else you like as a basis; as for the green leaf juice, you can use as a base apple, pineapple, watermelon etc.
Ø The juice should be ‘eaten’, which means you only take a sip from time to time, don’t drink it like water.
Ø If this juice is not enough for you, you can also consume:
- a fruit salad (bananas, apples, pears, pomegranates, apricots, peaches, sharon-kaki, cherries, sour-cherries, mangoes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, black and red currants, aronia, grapes, goji, etc.) with plant sprouts, seeds, nuts (1-4 tablespoons), microplants etc. or
- a vegetable salad (lettuce, onion, tomatoes, garlic, leeks, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc.) with:
  •   cold pressed oil from: hemp seeds, flax seeds, nigella seeds, wheat sprouts, avocado, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, grape seeds, coconuts etc.
  •  lemon juice or apple vinegar
  • apple seeds, pear seeds, apricot bitter kernels, ground flax seeds, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, black cumin seeds, sunflower kernels, pumpkin kernels, chia seeds, psyllium husk powder, hemp kernels, walnuts, almond, cashew, pistachio kernels, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, etc. - they can be eaten as they are, ground or hydrated for some time (from minutes to several hours). ATTENTION: the flax seeds will only be milled in the quantity to be consumed for 1-2 days because flaxseed oxidizes very quickly and loses its properties.
  • spices, aromatic herbs
  • Kalamata or natural olives
  • microplants: radishes, alfalfa, wheat, fenugreek, cabbage, chia, beetroot, broccoli, kale etc.
  • inactive yeast flakes
  • raw mushrooms
  • tofu cheese, cashew cheese
  • non-iodised Himalayan, sea, gem, or black salt or
  • raw chia seed ”fish-egg” paste, raw seeds, leaves and/or spices pate spread on pepper slices or raw mushrooms,
  • raw chia pudding with fruit or vegetable milk and honey, 
  • other raw dishes etc.
- fruits and seeds, kernels, and raw nuts between meals; also honey with seeds, kernels, and nuts;
- raw cakes, if you feel the need to eat something sweet

For Lunch:

- 250 ml-500ml fruit/vegetable/greens juice
- if the juice is not enough to make you feel full, prepare a raw dish (as above), or/and a raw vegetable soup (use as a base: water/tomato juice/unpasteurized borsch/lemon/sauerkraut juice or nut milk) which can be eaten daily.
- once a week, if you feel the need, you can boil a vegetable soup (in which you can use nuts 'sour' cream, vegetable milk)
- another raw dish: raw ‘sarmale’ (with softened buckwheat and sunflower seeds), avocado paste (guacamole), raw pumpkin or cucumber spaghetti etc.; polenta with: pickled cabbage, garlic sauce, or mushrooms;
- fruits and seeds, kernels, raw nuts between meals; honey with seeds, kernels, nuts;
- raw cakes, if you feel the need.

For Dinnertime (dinner – not later than 6-7 p.m.):

- 250 ml – 500ml vegetable juice
- if necessary, a simple salad (without pips, seeds, nuts) or other food from vegetables, whole grains and pseudocereals, chia pudding, etc.
- the room should be naturally ventilated
- an easy walk before going to bed
- going to bed around 21-22.

  •  plain/spring water, teas, green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, microplants, nuts, kernels, seeds, spices, aromatic herbs, yeast flakes, seaweed/algae and superfoods (pollen, beebread, spirulin, chlorella, chaga, ashwagandha, aloe, reishi , shiitake, maitake, kale, kelp, maca etc.), legumes, whole grains and pseudocereals.
  • non-iodized salt
  • stay in the sun, but don't sunbathe, barefoot walk on the ground, on gravel, through grass in the morning on dew and even in winter in snow, several minutes.
  • black fasting (only with plain/spring/distilled water) - one day a week, which allows the body to activate the genes responsible for its regeneration and healing.
  • walking at a quick pace - 2-3 km per day

  • meat, fish, dairy products (milk, cheese, cheese, yogurt, etc.), eggs, sausage/charcuterie/cold cuts
  • all kinds of (carbonated) juices from trade (apart from raw ones), carbonated water
  • sweets, canned food, sugar, white flour, margarine, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, bread (other than the one made only from seeds, dried at 40°C), any other sweeteners apart from honey or stevia,  
  • vinegar (apart from apple vinegar), iodized salt (it is permitted only the non-iodized one), canned or dry ready-made soup, ketch-up, candied fruit (they have sugar),
  • energizing, ‘non-alcoholic’ drinks, ‘zero sugar’ drinks (they contain aspartame, which is neurotoxic!),
  • condiments or other mixtures of vegetables and other products containing sodium monoglutamate, flavour enhancers, added flavours, colouring agents, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, corn syrup, glucose, fructose, saccharine,
  • chewing gum
  • household and garden chemicals, including naphthalene,
  • sedentarism and overlaying in bed,
  • victimization, negative feelings (they acidify the body),
  • air conditioning,
  • going to bed late and very late in the night.


· Use anti-inflammatory foods: green leafy vegetables, Chinese cabbage (bok choy – it contains 70 antioxidants), celery, celery seeds (contain potassium, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that put your body in a good balance and are anti-inflammatory; contain sodium – which brings nutrients, and potassium - which washes toxins), beetroot (contains a lot of magnesium), broccoli (has a lot of potassium and magnesium), currants (have quercetin), pineapple (has bromelain = a digestive enzyme), omega 3 (vegetables containing omega 3: spirulina, chlorella, flax, chia, hemp seeds etc.), nuts (contain omega 3, magnesium), coconut oil (is antifungal, antibacterial), chia, flax seeds, curcuma/turmeric, safran, ginger, blueberries, berries, oat flakes, red peppers, black beans, cold pressed oil, tomatoes, spinach, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, garlic, apples, rosemary, miso, beans and leguminous vegetables, mushrooms, spices (cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, etc.), teas. Cereals and pseudocereals which do not have gluten naturally (oats, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, tapioca etc.).

· Eliminate inflammatory foods: sugar, gluten food (white wheat flour: bread, wheat pasta, (puff) pastry, crackers/pretzels/bagels, pizza, breakfast cereals, pastries, etc.), refined oil (mayonnaise, salads, bread, French fries, etc.), fried foods (fried chicken, potatoes, fish sticks etc.), dairy products, artificial sweeteners: saccharin, aspartame (gum, sugars without sugar, zero cola etc., sorbitol, maltitol etc.), food additives (breakfast cereals, processed food which contains 'fruits', sweets, ice cream, etc.), saturated fats (burgers, pizza, sweets, chips, margarine), meat of any kind - with hormones, antibiotics, (aromatic) concentrates, soy or corn genetically modified - they are on the list of "probable carcinogens" of the World Health Organization (for those with serious illnesses, like cancer, we do not recommend the consumption of animal products for 7 years in a row), processed meat (sausage/charcuterie/cold cuts, ham, hot-dogs, sausages etc. dried, smoked, pasteurized, fried at high temperatures; they all contain added sodium monoglutamate which is on the No. 1 list of carcinogens issued by the World Health Organization), 'natural' flavours, colouring agents, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates etc., white wheat flour bread, alcohol, partially hydrogenated fat foods (margarine, donuts, saltines, muffins, whipped vegetal cream, frozen pizza, etc.), fast food (contains phthalates = endocrine disrupting chemicals and BPA = plastic in which food is packaged; all lead to an increased C-reactive protein in the body).


· This list is informative; please look for other raw, raw-vegan, or vegan recipes. The raw and fast cuisine is huge and full of flavour.
· This lifestyle balances, cleanses the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system so that it can regenerate and repair properly inside the body what must be regenerated and repaired. It contains all the necessary enzymes, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and macronutrients, including B12 vitamin and iron.
· Annually or twice a year, you and your family go through an internal antiparasitic treatment based on natural products and proper nutrients: pumpkin seeds and oil, peppermint, oregano, thyme, tea tree, wormwood, cloves, black walnut, grapefruit, fennel, lemon balm, cinnamon etc.

Ask your doctor before making any health decisions. Information on this site does not replace any diagnosis, treatment for any disease, infirmity or physical condition. Any form of self-treatment or alternative health program must involve the acceptance of a certain level of risk by the person concerned, therefore who does not want to do so, it is not necessary to do so. People who need medical care should get it from a doctor.
The points of view formulated, the suggestions and references contained in this site are based on our personal experience
 and are intended exclusively for individual study and research. The remedies, diets and other information on this site refer to health and vitality, not disease. We are nutrition technicians, not doctors. If you wish to use the information contained in this site to improve your own health, we are not responsible for the decisions you will make, for the actions you will take or for the consequences that result from them. Take responsibility for your own decisions regarding yourself. You will be much happier. Educate yourself. For one's well-being and health, one must know that it is no use to treat the symptoms of the disease if one does not seek and eliminate the cause. No one in this world knows our body and feelings better than ourselves, and healing begins from within, not from the outside.
(Oana Buciuman – nutrition technician)

Information Resources:
  1. Dr. T. Colin Campbell – „The China Study”
  2. Rudolf Breuss - ”Cancer. Leukemia
  3. Ovidiu Harbada – „Valeriu Popa - îndrumător al cunoașterii prin știință și credință” (”Valeriu Popa - Knowledge Guide through Science and Faith”)
  4. Dr. Robert Morse - „ The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw foods and herbs for complete cellular regeneration”
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  14. Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld & 70 immunologists – „Vaccines and Autoimmunity” – explores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminium in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals
  15. Anthony William – Medical Medium, ”Thyroid Healing”, Life-Changing Foods
  16. Documentaries:
- „The Truth About Cancer
- „The Truth About Vaccines
- „Super Size Me
- „What the Health
- „Vaxxed
- „Food Matters
- „That Vitamin Movie
- „IThrive
- „Forks over Knives
- „Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
- „Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
- „Food and disease


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